I begin with no preconceived idea of what a finished painting or print will look like, aiming to create order from nothing.

I find form through a system of responsive experiment informed by geometry, symmetry and illusionary description. It is entirely invented, not abstracted from something real nor alluding to a specific emotion or event, form that is never the less, vital and exuberant.

In a process both controlled and intuitive, I seek to engage these forms with each other and the canvas edges to create dynamic relationships in continual flux, like visual gymnastics.

I think about volume, mass and movement while I am painting and pursue a dual reading of shapes that appear both dimensional and flat simultaneously. I am invested in paint, obsessive and meticulous in its application. I work the surface by trial and error as both image and object to produce paintings that at best have their own presence and authority.

The titles, invented, evocative words, give identity without suggesting meaning.

Installation views

Works available through Candida Stevens Gallery, Chichester.